Aderes Hatorah Summer Experience
is a camp geared to American Mesivta Bochurim. It is the ultimate tour of Eretz Yisroel surpassing anything else of its kind. Instilling a genuine love for Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and Yahadus is the primary goal.
The summer experience is going into its 15th year; an overwhelming positive outcome and success permeated those who participated. Every Bochur left with a strong connection to Eretz Yisroel which will IY"H last a lifetime.
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Tentative 2024 dates August 7- August 28/4 Av-24 Av

Dear Yitzy

It is now Thurday night, we just came back from Bnai Brak from those few precious moments with Rav Ahron Leib Shlit"a. I cant believe that the summer is almost over. Just a few short weeks ago, we were saying Eichah, mourning over the Churban at one of the gates to Har HaBayis just a few feet from where the Bais HaMikdash stood! So close yet so far away.

Kinus with you and Rav Dovid Orlofsky speaking. It was the most meaningful Tisha B’Av of my life!

Vasikin in Mearas Hamachpela, Dancing Kabolas Shabbos at the Kosel, davening and singing at Kever Rachel are all memories that I will never forget. The trips and hikes from the north to south, we covered the entire Eretz Yisroel.

Your knowledge of Eretz Yisroel is incredible, but even more so is your love of transmitting your passion to others. I will never know the fullest extent of much effort was put into this summer, but I do know that you did it solely for us. You completely gave of yourself so we can see Eretz Yisroel in a different way. I am sure that each and every boy has a new love for it.

Elul zman is just a few days away and thanks to an awesome kosher Bein HaZmanim, I am actually looking forward to the zman starting.



Dear Reb Yitzy

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such an unbelievable time and experience. The trips and tours were amazing and interesting, but most of all, thank you for showing us all Eretz Yisroel in a light that nobody else can.

Besides for having a good time with a bunch of great guys, I am now beginning to see the true beauty of Eretz Yisroel



Dear Yitzy

Listening to the boys discussing their trip truly excites everyone in the family

We can be sitting around talking about anything and somehow we always come back to their trip.

The feeling of love, connection and real appreciation of Eretz Yisroel is clear. The sense of Achdus and Ruchniyus that was instilled in the boys was quite apparent, but the inspiration that has stimulated the boys, only us as parents can understand. Rabbi Cynamon, Rav Shaya and Rabbi Senter’s boys did a wonderful job on being mashpia on our boys, leaving them with an indelible impression. Your devotion, attention to every detail and mega energy has left a mark on them.

Thank you so very much

Mr & Mrs J

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